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About Our Retirement Village in Scarborough

BallyCara’s Village of Friends is a retirement community that can deliver a much needed safe and supportive environment during these unprecedented times. Our range of villas and apartments in Scarborough have strict health and safety measures in place and tour times are by appointment only to ensure your health and wellbeing is our top priority.

Village of Friends

BallyCara Retirement Village is a unique retirement living community beautifully positioned by the waters of Moreton Bay at Scarborough on the Redcliffe Peninsula. This location offers Residents and their families a serene setting to enjoy together. Adding to the geographical location is the fact that the Village and surrounding areas are completely flat, ensuring a perfect opportunity for leisurely strolls without the obstacle of hills and slopes.

As well as being a picturesque seaside destination, the Redcliffe Peninsula offers its community every convenience needed – health services, entertainment, shopping, transport – without hassles like traffic congestion. BallyCara’s location at Oyster Point Esplanade makes any desirable service or amenity accessible to you, irrespective of your mode of transport. The Village is in close proximity to hospitals and medical facilities (both public and private) as well as large shopping centres. Very pleasurable dining experiences are available through nearby restaurants and cafes, plus many licensed clubs and hotels.

Above all, the Village of Friends is a way of life that makes BallyCara distinct from other retirement or resort communities in Brisbane and beyond. It is the enjoyment and harbouring of a unique spirit among Residents and also staff that enhances the lifestyle of each individual. We hope BallyCara is at the top of your list!

Available Accommodation Options

Assisted Living Unit

Priced from:






Choosing your home

BallyCara Retirement Village offers a range of accommodation options to suit each individual’s personal preferences and budget requirements.

The Village is made up of Independent Living through a vast array of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom Villas and Apartments with an assortment of services and activities for you to consider. All accommodation types within the Retirement Village have access to our 24 hour on-site emergency response team by way of call buttons and pendants located throughout each Villa and Apartment.

Other services are available to provide assistance when needed through BallyCara HomeCare and the BallyCara Wellness Program, as well as having the advantage of being co-located with our Residential Aged Care Facilities.

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About our Retirement Village

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Outdoor amenities

  • Resort style swimming pools
  • Sheltered BBQ areas
  • Croquet lawn
  • Bird aviary
  • Bocce lawn
  • 12 Seater cruiser

Indoor amenities

  • Village Centre
  • Library
  • Community Chapel
  • Hair Salon
  • Wellness Centre with Wellness Program
BallyCara’s own cruiser-craft creates the opportunity for Residents to enjoy boating pleasure on Moreton Bay and revel in our seaside environment. Seaside location, a specially designed environment, an unprecedented choice of accommodation types and services to suit your personal preferences, security and peace of mind combine to give you a wonderful lifestyle opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Age limits applicable to BallyCara are minimum age of 65 years. Residents must be a minimum of 65 years of age and also provide a letter from their General Practitioner stating that the type of accommodation chosen is sufficient for the level of care they require. In the case that you do not fit this criteria, please speak with us and we will try our best to help you.

The deposit is $4500.00 ( Fully refundable ) + Administration costs of $1450.00 excl GST

Whilst you are away on holidays our team of dedicated staff ensure your home remains safe and secure. We do request that you notify Reception of your intention to go on holidays to allow us to plan accordingly.

All rates & taxes
Building insurance & maintenance of the property including fittings and fixtures existing in the property.
All costs in relation to the day to day maintenance, renovation, upkeep and cleaning of the Village, its facilities and buildings including the costs of gardening, landscaping and pest control;
The costs of maintaining, monitoring and responding to the Residents’ emergency alarm system 24/7.
Water usage

The Award Winning Hibernian Aged Care Facilities (HACF) are part of the BallyCara Retirement Living complex and offer residential care through our low care, high care, dementia and respite services.

BallyCara HomeCare provides HomeCare services on and around the Redcliffe Peninsula as well as Moreton Bay, North Brisbane, Logan & Gold Coast regions including eligible Residents within BallyCara Retirement Village.

Less than 1 year = 10%
1 year or more but less than 2 years = 10%
2 years or more but less than 3 years = 15 %
3 years or more but less than 4 years = 20%
4 years or more but less than 5 years = 25%
5 years or more, year 6 and all subsequent years = 30%

BallyCara Retirement Village is a pet free Village. However, upon application Management may consider small birds.

When moving into BallyCara you are purchasing the licence to reside within the village, Lease hold.

You are welcome to book an in-person tour of BallyCara’s Retirement Village by calling 1300 272 222 or emailing

BallyCara also has virtual tours of some of our Villas and Apartments which are available at the following links

Federation Style Villa

Original Type A Villa

Cairdeas Apartment

Financial Information

Financial Information
BallyCara Retirement Village is a Resident-Funded Village. We regularly review our accommodation pricing to ensure our pricing models are reflective of the current market and continually strive to provide a different array of affordable accommodation across the site.

For more information and up to date pricing information please contact our Assistant Village General Manager on 1300 272 222 or click here to email.

All Residents moving into BallyCara Retirement Village pay an ingoing contribution (the cost of the Villa or Apartment) and in return they receive the Right to Reside within the Village for as long as they choose in accordance with information enclosed in our:

  • Application for Residence
  • Residence Agreement
  • Prospective Cost Document
  • Village Comparison Document

In accordance with relevant legislation, BallyCara Retirement Village is required to establish three funds to account for all financial transactions within the Village. The monies in these funds can only be used for the benefit of the Village. The responsibility for the financial management of these funds is vested with the Queensland Hibernian Friendly Society who own BallyCara Retirement Village. We encourage all potential new Residents to seek independent legal and financial advice and will willingly supply copies of draft documentation upon request. Our Village Sales staff aim to equip all potential new Residents with as much information as they require to make an informed decision and we welcome questions and clarification where required – we are here to help you.

Monthly Fees
Annual operating costs are determined by the BallyCara management team and monthly fees are established in accordance with all legislative requirements. Residents are advised at the Annual General Meeting of any increases and the fees are then paid on a monthly basis via direct debit.
Exit Fees
In conformity with the Retirement Village Act 1999 BallyCara Retirement Village charges an Exit Fee when vacating accommodation within the Village. The Exit Fee is calculated at a percentage per annum of your original ingoing Contribution (cost of your Villa or Apartment).