Retirement Village

BallyCara’s Village of Friends is the community that can deliver a much needed safe and supportive environment during these unprecedented times. There is a range of villas and apartments currently available and with strict health and safety measures in place, tour times are by appointment only to ensure your health and wellbeing is our top priority.  BallyCara’s Village Sales Specialist is ready to take you on tour.  Call 1300 272 222 to book your tour.

BallyCara Retirement Village is a unique retirement living community beautifully positioned by the waters of Moreton Bay at Scarborough on the Redcliffe Peninsula. This location offers Residents and their families a serene setting to enjoy together. Adding to the geographical location is the fact that the Village and surrounding areas are completely flat ensuring a perfect opportunity for leisurely strolls without the obstacle of hills and slopes.

As well as being a picturesque seaside destination, the Redcliffe Peninsula offers its community every convenience needed – health services, entertainment, shopping, transport – without hassles such as traffic congestion. BallyCara’s location at Oyster Point Esplanade makes any desirable service or amenity accessible to you, irrespective of your mode of transport. The Village is in close proximity to hospitals and medical facilities (both public and private) as well as large shopping centres. Very pleasurable dining experiences are available through nearby restaurants and cafes plus many licensed clubs and hotels.

Above all, the Village of Friends is a way of life that makes BallyCara distinct from other retirement or resort communities. It is the enjoyment and harbouring of a unique spirit among Residents and also staff that enhances the lifestyle of each individual. We would welcome the opportunity to help you take advantage of this unique lifestyle opportunity and show you our wonderful “Village of Friends”.

For more information regarding our Retirement Village or to make an appointment with our friendly staff. 

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