International Day of Yoga - Embracing Humanity Through Ancient Practice

This year, the International Day of Yoga celebrates the theme of humanity, highlighting the profound impact yoga can have on individual lives and communities.

Prioritise Your Health: Get Proactive with a Checkup

It is the 30th anniversary of International Men's Health Week, here at BallyCara we want you to prioritise your health this winter!

Cultivating a Sustainable Future - Our Groundskeeping Practices

At BallyCara, we take environmental responsibility seriously!

The Heartbeat of BallyCara: Why Volunteers Matter

As it is National Volunteer Week we wanted to say a special thanks to the wonderful volunteers at BallyCara and call out why they are so valued!

Driving Later in Life

BallyCara has partnered up with CarFreeMe to support our Residents and Clients approach how to drive later in life and what to do if or when they need to stop driving.

Cultivating a Culture of Safety and Well-being at BallyCara

As we commemorate World Day for Safety and Health at Work, BallyCara reaffirms its commitment to prioritising the welfare of our team members.

Move It or Lose It (Your Balance That Is)

April is Falls Prevention Month, in this piece we highlight the importance of exercise and wellness overall to help prevent falls.

Epilepsy Awareness - Wear Purple Day

Why is March 26th considered Purple Day? What is the purpose of it? Read on to find out…

Sleep, What is it good for? Absolutely everything!

At BallyCara we appreciate the need for sleep, especially since we know that getting a good night’s sleep promotes our health and wellbeing.

Economic Empowerment for Women - A Reflection & Future Aspirations

In recognition of International Women’s Day last week, BallyCara’s Corporate Services Director, Trudi Ashcroft, took the time to reflect on her own experiences and opportunities within the workforce. Below she shares some ideas on how we, as a society, can support the economic empowerment for women.

Celebrating Women: Honouring Contributions Across Generations

As we commemorate International Women’s Day in 2024, we are compelled to reflect on the remarkable journey of women throughout history, particularly within our cherished BallyCara Community.

Random Acts of Kindness at BallyCara

Throughout the month of February we have been spreading kindness around BallyCara with feel good quotes and random coffee vouchers. This Saturday is Random Acts of Kindness Day with the theme being "Make Kindness the Norm"… which is exactly what BallyCara’s Carers’ Auxiliary stands for!

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Acknowledgment of Country

BallyCara acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land on which our residences are located and we pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. We extend that respect to the Traditional Owners across this country where we live, work and play.


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