Why Would I Recommend an Exercise Physiologist?

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An anonymous member of the BallyCara community took the time to reflect on their journey toward seeing an Exercise Physiologist.

My story begins ONCE UPON A TIME, after a serious back injury. I would like to report it was whilst adventurously skiing, playing sport, or bungee-jumping – but alas it was simply from twisting awkwardly whilst chasing my cheeky toddler. I had not felt pain like that before (childbirth excluded, of course) and I crawled to the phone to ring my husband – as you do.

A trip to the doctor summarised that motherhood and living in general had caught up with my delicate frame. Not to mention early stages of arthritis, hypermobility, torn tissue, and a few other issues that also contributed to the deterioration. Joy!

I remember my doctor saying, “you need to stay flat on your back for a few days,” (highly improbable with two small children) and, “don’t go to a physio, you will come out worse off!”

It took me quite some time to recover, although I did slightly enjoy the enforced rest. But I also realised then that all my doctor could offer me was advice, meds, or surgery.  With my school of thought being ‘self-help and least intervention’, none of these really helped me.

Thank goodness times have changed.

Years later, various problems started to cause neck issues. I went down the medical route of steroid injections, nerve blocks, etc. It was after this when a physiotherapist became a key person for my health. Thankfully, no doctors tried to stop me this time!

Not only did these physiotherapy appointments make a difference to me physically, but mentally as well. It meant I was being proactive in helping to manage my pain; the pain was no longer controlling me (most of the time anyway!). But, even with the combination of medical attention and the physio, I still felt as if there was a missing link in my health chain…

The NEXT CHAPTER started when I commenced working at a rather innovative retirement village (and aged services provider) that also promoted and ran a Wellness Clinic. There were young people titled Exercise Physiologists (EPs) who were delivering exercise sessions to mature aged persons. I was intrigued. I recalled being told many years ago that an EP was not the same as a physiotherapist. I watched closely and realised that the EPs were conducting great exercise sessions (group and one-on-one), filled with routines that I had been trying to establish at home by myself. Their support, expertise and interaction looked like way more fun though!

My physiotherapist was still treating me monthly (hands-on) but I needed a program/help that I could manage myself (hands-off); and thus, I realised this is where an Exercise Physiologist comes in.

Recently, my “cheeky toddler”, who is now an adult, became unwell herself.  It will be a life-long health journey for her both physically and mentally. Frankly, it has been hard to watch her battle and to witness her physical and mental challenges. Then (light bulb moment) it occurred to me – she needs an Exercise Physiologist!

After only three appointments she agrees that it has benefited her much more than she anticipated both physically and mentally, as she is empowered to control the aspects of her health that she can.  The rest is up to the medical professionals.

So now, with the assistance, humour, kindness, empathy, expertise and support of her Exercise Physiologist, she hopes to live HAPPILY and HEALTHILY ever after!


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