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Did you know BallyCara offers Allied Health Services in some of our regions? In the latest Friends in Focus pieces we will be turning our attention to Caras’ & Co Wooloowin and our Allied Health Specialists who are based there.

How to describe Remedial Massage? It isn’t an ordinary massage… it is one that aims to rehabilitate those muscles that are causing pain by locating and repairing them through a range of different techniques. Remedial Massage Therapy can make joints more mobile, stimulate blood supply and help repair damaged tissues.

The wonderful Kathryn Davis is one of BallyCara’s Remedial Massage Therapists; she is based out of our Caras’ & Co location at Wooloowin. She works with Clients to assess them and utilises a range of techniques to address issues such as muscular aches, pain, soreness and fatigue. In Kathryn’s words “I work within a team of Allied Health specialists to achieve best practice and overall health and wellbeing outcomes for the Client…. I promote health and wellbeing and assist with Social Support to our ageing community.”

Kathryn chose to work at BallyCara as her values aligned with those of the organisation – SONA®. She appreciates the SONA® approach as it gives a clear framework that aligns with a positive outlook for dealing with everyday trials and tribulations. Kathryn is truly blessed to work with a diverse range of people from different cultures and backgrounds at BallyCara. “Adopting the SONA® philosophy opens a pathway to a positive and rewarding environment, surrounded by people who genuinely care and are interested in supporting each other, sharing life’s journey.”

Kathryn encompasses an holistic approach to achieve the best healing qualities that are within a modality with a proven and recognised base of evidence.

Some insights as to what Kathryn’s thoughts on the healing benefits of massage are:

  • Massage is safe and effective when techniques are applied appropriately
  • It offers relief and relaxation from everyday strains of daily living
  • Massage reduces stress, muscle ache and pain
  • Improves circulation and immune function
  • Regular massage along with a good diet, sleep and exercise significantly improves overall health and wellbeing. This is key to living a healthy and happy life!

Kathryn hopes to “continue supporting the community to gain the benefits of better health through regular, active participation in the Wellness and Social Support Programs that are offered through the team and facilities at BallyCara”.

Kathryn has the personal satisfaction knowing that her work as an individual massage therapist is a valuable and integral part of a greater team effort and purpose. “BallyCara offers a team of dedicated Allied Health specialists who are all working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our Clients to reach their full potential and personal goals. My work is a labour of love and care for our community which inspires me in my role as a therapist, to bring a little comfort, joy, and peace through the healing power of touch”.

Wise and thoughtful words by Kathryn as to what she finds fulfilling about her role here at BallyCara. The camaraderie of the whole team to provide our Clients with exceptional service truly does support our SONA® philosophy of Everyone Matters, Creativity and Integrity.

Kathryn is available for appointments on Tuesdays & Thursdays at our Caras’ & Co location in Wooloowin.

If you would like more information about Remedial Massage Therapy and other Allied Health Services offered at BallyCara call us on 1300 272 222, or email

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