Wellness Program

In this challenging time, it is more vital than ever to seek services that nurture your mind and body. As advocates of healthy and happy living, the dedicated BallyCara Wellness team is here to support you. 

We are thrilled to have relaunched the Wellness Program from Monday 24th August. The relaunch included the recommencement of one on one sessions as well as all group sessions. Group sessions are currently capped so bookings are essential. Please contact the Wellness Program team on 1300 272 222 f0r more information. 

The BallyCara Wellness Program offers a wide range of personalised activities designed to help over 60’s live healthier, happier lives. Developed and delivered by our team of qualified health professionals, the BallyCara Wellness Program promotes optimal physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Today, older people in Australia have among the highest life expectancy in the world but in today’s developing countries, the rise of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes reflects the changes in our lifestyle and diet, as well as ageing.

“To age in good health, to maintain independence and to continue residing and participating in the community are some of the most important goals for older individuals.”
Barry – Wellness Program Member

The BallyCara Wellness Program aims to emphasise the importance of health, wellness and happiness and the central role that these key components will play as we age. We aim to provide a better understanding of the changing relationship between health and age which we believe is crucial to creating a future that takes full advantage of the research and findings that are available to us today. We offer affordable options, a motivating comfortable environment and co-located Cafe at the BallyCara Wellness Centre, Sunnyside Road, Scarborough.

Our highly experienced team understands the ageing process and will support, motivate and guide you through the approach that’s best for your needs and goals.

Live your life and forget your age…

For more information or to book a visit: Phone1300 272 222 or click here to email.