Residential Care

The BallyCara Executive and Management teams are ensuring our policies, procedures and planning are applicable across all service points and are continually reviewed to protect the health and wellbeing of all BallyCara friends.

Please be assured we are continually monitoring updates and are in direct dialogue with health and government authorities with specific reference to supporting older people. As an essential frontline service, we reinforce our commitment to ensuring the delivery of safe and quality care, whilst recognising the need to make appropriate decisions in response to COVID-19 if required.

Please be assured all of what we are doing are preventative and precautionary measures purely in the interests of your safety and well-being.

Our care begins with you. What matters to you matters to us. Every person is unique and individual. 

BallyCara (previously, the Hibernian QLD Friendly Society) is a charitable organisation that has been serving the community of Queensland for over 115 years.

Making the decision to move into Residential Care is not always easy however at BallyCara we welcome you with open arms and support you and your family through the journey.

BallyCara is committed to reframing ageing in Australia and beyond, with our mission to inspire healthy and happy living across many generations. In our Residential Care home we assess and care for your individual requirements and care needs as we believe this approach to Residential Care will provide you and your family with a sense of future-mindfulness.

To start the conversation with BallyCara about Residential Care please phone 1300 272 222 to find out more information.


Sona® is Gaelic for Happiness, reflecting BallyCara’s heritage and commitment to inspiring healthy and happy living.

Sona® is our way of being at BallyCara, and it enables us to prosper.

BallyCara takes full advantage of Sona®’s inherent strengths and capabilities as it underpins all that we do.

Our Sona® Values

Our Sona® Values guide our decision making. They show up in what we think and do. They strengthen our relational approach through our people being in the right place; at the right time; doing the right thing in the right way.

Our Sona® Values apply to all our people and the relationships we have (existing and new); giving us, our relationships, and the interactions we have the opportunity to be the best they can be. They will be evidenced through how we behave and what people experience and feel.

Everyone Matters

Each person and their well-being is important to us


Collaborate and Innovate courageously


Authentic and Transparent