Wellness Program Timetable – Scarborough

Wellness Program Timetable We are thrilled to be relaunching the Wellness Program from Monday 24th August. The relaunch includes the recommencement of one on one gym sessions as well as all group sessions. Group sessions are currently capped so bookings are essential. Please contact our Wellness Program team on 1300 272 222 for more information. 


Wellness Program Weekly Schedule – Updated AUG 2020 – CLICK HERE

Our classes include:

Dedicated Exercise Physiology Sessions

Individual Exercise Physiology sessions tailored to suit your needs and provide expert guidance on how to achieve your goals. We are also registered to provide subsidised individual sessions through Medicare, DVA and Private Health Insurance providers.

Open Supervised Gym

Be supervised through a comprehensive workout incorporating free weights, resistance bands and state of the art Wellness Gym equipment under the expert guidance of our team of Exercise Physiologists. This class is perfect for those that are confident with the gym equipment.

*Requires Initial Assessment and HUR/Exercise Program prior to attending.

Falls Prevention (Balance)

Have new found confidence by challenging and improving your balance, coordination and mobility.

Introductory – This class is perfect for those that are just starting out on their balance journey.

Progressive – This is a fun interactive challenging balance class

Brain Training 

Harness the power of neuroplasticity and improve your brain function through activities that stimulate memory, reasoning, speed of processing and executive function.


This is an exercise program that involves vibration through the hands by cupping or tapping parts of the body to promote blood circulation, improve strength and balance.

Tai Chi

A gentle way to fight stress. Tai Chi helps reduce stress, anxiety and in addition to this it also helps increase flexibility and balance.

Aqua Exercise (Oct-Apr)

Improve your fitness, strength and core stability in this low impact exercise session.

Seated Aerobics

Improve your cardiovascular endurance, coordination and core stability in the security of sitting down run by our enthusiastic EP to upbeat classic hits (music).

Stretch & Steps

A 45 minute balance, stretching and resistance class led by one of our EP’s. Join our EP’s in this popular session focusing on balance and strength at a gentle pace.


A system of exercises, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental awareness.

*Pilates takes place on the floor.