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Meet Sheila,

When I first met Sheila she spoke about her love of collages, and how she cherished collaging with the children when she was a kindergarten teacher. Since then, Sheila has created many collages in BallyCara’s Art Therapy; some representing a time in her life or as a symbol of ‘self’, while others were created for creations sake and pure enjoyment. Creating collages is a way for Sheila to connect with her past, while expressing her ‘self’ now. Shelia’s love of yellow is always represented as is her personality with every piece being carefully considered, organised and arranged in a way that is ‘not over done’. Often the imagery in the collage sparks a story full of meaning and life, reminiscent of her childhood, her time in the Navy, her past love of teaching or her joy in being creative.

Ruth Falconer – BallyCara Art Therapist


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