Residential Care

Owned and operated by the Hibernian (Qld) Friendly society, a not for profit organisation serving the community of Queensland for over 115 years.

Making the decision to move into Residential Aged Care is not always easy however at BallyCara we welcome you with open arms and support you and your family through the journey of Residential Aged Care.

Embrace, Enhance and Prosper is what supports BallyCara’s personalised approach towards your care, your passions and happiness. These approaches allow for endless opportunities, as we embrace your background skills and passions, enhance your individual strengths and abilities and prosper your happiness, motivation and potential.

BallyCara is committed to reframing ageing in Australia and beyond, with our mission to inspire healthy and happy living across many generations. In our Residential Aged Care we assess and care for your individual requirements and care needs as we believe this approach to Residential Aged Care will provide you and your family with a sense of future-mindfulness.

To start the conversation with BallyCara about Residential Care please phone 1300 272 222 to find out more information.


Our positive ageing approach is achieved through our Sona™ (Gaelic for happiness) ethos that ensures we:

  • Embrace you as an individual to genuinely understand your unique background
  • Enhance and support you based on your passions, strengths and abilities
  • Prosper your happiness, potential and ensure your purpose is met