BallyCara’s 40th Celebrations

2023 marks an important milestone for BallyCara, it is our 40th birthday. Our Village of Friends site in Scarborough was opened in 1983 by the Hibernian Qld Friendly Society, who have been operating for over 115 years.
BallyCara has evolved over the last 40 years to encompass not only Retirement Living, but also Residential Care, HomeCare, Wellness, and Short-Term Restorative Care services in the Moreton Bay region and extending across South-East Queensland with regional hubs ‘Caras’ & Co’ in Brisbane North, Logan, and Gold Coast, as well as a presence in North Melbourne.
BallyCara is internationally recognised as an innovate leader of care, services and accommodation and aim to inspire healthy and happy living for older Australians.

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Historical photos taken throughout the years

April saw us celebrate this momentous occasion with a high-tea event in our newest building, the Village Centre. Over 200 Residents and special guests joined our staff to mark this achievement. We also held celebrations in each of our Residential Care buildings.

Highlights from April’s celebrations