Angela in Melbourne

Meet Angela,

A short while ago our Melbourne Customer Service Officer, Angela was asked to participate in a photo shoot to capture the CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) community. Coming from an Italian background she thought to herself, “Yeah l could do this, it would be a perfect chance to reach out to other cultures and let them know we are here to help!”. She jumped at the occasion and asked her wonderful nonni (grandparents) and great aunt (Zia) if they would like to be part of this project with her. They were more than happy to oblige, perhaps according to Angela because they all love having their picture taken.

The day of the photo shoot was a long day for all, however full of love, laughter and fun. Angela enjoyed making homemade pasta with her nonna, going for a short walk with her nonno and picking vegetables with her zia from their pride and possession, il giardino! (the garden). Italian family culture to Angela is characterised by loyalty, respect and closeness, whether it’s her immediate family, to more extended relatives and friends.

Spending time with her family and enjoying their company, sharing stories, or sharing a big plate of pasta with a nice glass of homemade vino (wine) is always the perfect accompaniment. She enjoys listening to her nonni (grandparents) speak about their homeland, Italy and stories about how they met. Angela looks at the love they share and is in awe of how beautiful it is to see. It reminds her that her own children are so lucky to have great grandparents in their life to look up to. This venture has been a greatly sentimental experience for Angela and one she will always cherish.

“Thank you, BallyCara, for embracing my family to yours”,
Angela Caruso, Customer Service Officer – Melbourne