Our Story

BallyCara OUr STory

BallyCara (previously, the Hibernian QLD Friendly Society) is a charitable organisation that has been serving the community of Queensland for over 115 years. The modern BallyCara is a provider of Residential Care, HomeCare, Wellness, Short-Term Restorative Care, and Retirement Living. We’re forging new frontiers to enable people to live fulfilling lives regardless of age through the provision of individualised care, services, and contemporary community and accommodation infrastructure.

BallyCara is now internationally recognised as an innovative leader of care, services and accommodation for older Australians. Each day we continue to grow this offering by delivering significant community health and social benefits to older people. From our spiritual home at Scarborough, nestled on Queensland’s beautiful Moreton, BallyCara has expanded across Australia. We offer Residential Care and our Retirement Village are located at Scarborough, HomeCare and Wellness Programs are offered in a variety of locations across Moreton Bay, Brisbane North, Logan, Gold Coast and Melbourne North. 

Our Strategic Themes


People are at the heart of all we do, through meaningful inclusive relationships


Using our knowledge and relational approach we positively influence, lead, and inspire


Together we enable better lives through purposeful connections and collaborations

Our Strategic Ambitions: 2021 – 2025

  • Expand our Reach
  • Lead with Wellness
  • Employer of Choice
  • Learning and Research
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Astute Investment Strategies
  • National Chains of Caras’ & Co
  • Leadership/Influence and Advocacy
  • Integrated Communities and Housing Solutions

Sona®  is our way of being at BallyCara, and it enables us to prosper.


Charter of Aged Care Rights

BallyCara recognises how important it is for you and your families to make the right choice of services and to understand what to expect from providers.
We are dedicated to complying with the Charter of Aged Care Rights and upholding the Quality Standards for all consumers of our services.

For more information and to view the charter please visit the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission website.