Our Story

BallyCara OUr STory

BallyCara (previously, the Hibernian QLD Friendly Society) is a charitable organisation that has been serving the community of Queensland for over 115 years. The modern BallyCara is a provider of Residential Care, HomeCare, Wellness, Short-Term Restorative Care, and Retirement Living. We’re forging new frontiers to enable people to live fulfilling lives regardless of age through the provision of individualised care, services, and contemporary community and accommodation infrastructure. Our positive active ageing approach is achieved through our Sona® Ethos (Gaelic for happiness) that ensures we: 

  • Embrace each individual to genuinely understand their background, skills and passions. 
  • Enhance their independence and community engagement in practical and motivating ways. 
  • Inspire each person to maintain control of their life, discover new opportunities and prosper with real happiness. 

BallyCara is now internationally recognised as an innovative leader of care, services and accommodation for older Australians. Each day we continue to grow this offering by delivering significant community health and social benefits to older people. From our spiritual home at Scarborough, nestled on Queensland’s beautiful Moreton, BallyCara has expanded across Australia. We offer Residential Care and our Retirement Village are located at Scarborough, HomeCare and Wellness Programs are offered in a variety of locations across Moreton Bay, Brisbane North, Logan, Gold Coast and Melbourne North. 

Our Philosophy

We are open to God’s guidance at all times in the development of improved ways to serve the community. We encourage and value the participation of each person.

Our Vision

A community of happiness, respect and friendship.

Our Mission

Through our virtues of faith, hope and charity, we foster respectful and  inclusive relationships whilst providing optimal care and services to  ensure dignity, security and joy for members of our community.

Our Values

  • Human dignity and respect – by establishing positive relationships with those we support through BallyCara, their families and our colleagues
  • Spirituality – through acknowledging our Christian foundations and in our openness to engaging with the faith and life experiences of others
  • Professionalism and integrity – in our daily encounters with each other and through our commitment to ongoing professional and personal development
  • Individuality and community – by balancing the needs of individuals with the aspirations and endeavours of our whole community
  • Honesty and acceptance – in communicating openly and constructively With each other in a spirit of trust and harmony
  • Compassion – through our reaching out to others in a spirit of faith, hope and love

Our People 

BallyCara’s staff are dedicated and committed to inspiring healthy and happy living. You can read more about our people here. 

Our Partners 

BallyCara is affiliated with several groups that align with BallyCara’s values and inspire healthy and happy living. You can read about our partnerships and sponsorships here.