Staff Reward and Recognition Scheme – October Winners

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BallyCara is incredibly proud of our dedicated and passionate workforce, and it brings us great joy to be able to show our gratitude to them for their incredible accomplishments! The Staff Reward and Recognition Scheme was born in 2020 as an extension of BallyCara’s innovative Form of Hope (a form that allows staff and Consumers to show their gratitude to a staff member).

All the nominations are compiled by our Service Excellence Team, and four winners are picked by a panel of Consumers, family members and staff. Winners are picked every three months.

The nominating Forms of Hope for our October winners are below.


Noelene Moloney – Housekeeping, Scarborough

You go above and beyond because I see you every day managing the stores, and managing the laundry while you are also carrying out other laundry and cleaning tasks.You touch the hearts of those around you because when Residents ask me about clothes that might have been mislaid you go straight to the Resident without hesitation to sort things out.

This makes a big difference to the lives of our Residents as you deal with things promptly, the Resident feels they have been heard. You always do everything with a smile on your face and a good word for everybody. I want to thank you for everything you do, it is very appreciated.”










Mehrdad Rostami – Enrolled Nurse, Residential Care, Scarborough

“You go above and beyond by all the time you take out to help us even if it puts you behind in your job. You touch the hearts of those around you because of the extra time you spend with each Resident, as well as listening and helping staff when you can.

This makes a big difference to the lives of our Residents because all residents and staff miss you when you have days off.”








Jennifer Tomlin – HomeCare Support Worker, Regional Winner

This is what you do that shows you go above and beyond: Jennifer is a good listener. She cares for me and doesn’t rush me.

This is what you do that touches the hearts of those around you: She understands what I am saying. We get on well together. She is patient and kind.

This makes a big difference to our live because: I look forward to seeing her every week so I’m not so lonely.”







Sharryn Sheehy – Sona Lifestyle Officer, Residential Care, Scarborough

Sharryn, a huge thank you for supporting our Resident to attend the meeting this morning. I was super grateful that you were able to make it happen, especially because I was only able to give you five minutes notice – which you responded to with such grace and a total ‘can do’ attitude.

This made a big difference to our Resident’s life because it demonstrated how Resident-focused, adaptable, and passionate you are… Yesterday the Resident did not think that they would be able to attend because they were feeling poorly, so I had not organised for them to attend. Fast forward to this morning when they unexpectedly felt able to go to the meeting and you made that happen for them in five minutes flat! It meant so much to them (especially you making another special trip from the Village Centre to Residential and back to the Village Centre again, to deliver them their milo – just the way they like it), and it meant so much to me to have the support to get them there. Big Thank You.”








Congratulations to Noelene, Mehrdad, Jennifer, and Sharryn! If you’d like to show your gratitude to a member of BallyCara’s staff, and enter them into the next round of the Scheme, you can find the Form of Hope here!

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