Staff Reward and Recognition Scheme – Final 2021 Winners

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BallyCara has such a dedicated and passionate workforce. We are proud of everyone, and it brings us great joy to be able to show our gratitude to them for their incredible accomplishments! The Staff Reward and Recognition Scheme was born in 2020 as an extension of BallyCara’s innovative Form of Hope (a form that allows staff and Consumers to show their gratitude to a staff member).

All the nominations are compiled by our Service Excellence Team, and four winners are picked by a panel of Consumers, family members and staff. Winners were picked every three months in 2021.

The nominating Forms of Hope for our final 2021 winners are below.


Madison Nunn – Customer Service Officer (CSO), HomeCare Gold Coast

“Madi has been pivotal in helping the Wellness office through the busiest time of the year! Me, being the only full-time employee for Wellness on the Gold Coast, sometimes the ‘little’ tasks get pushed to the back of the line as we are just so busy seeing our lovely Clients. Enter the ever-wonderful Madi! Over the past few weeks Madi has been a constant stream of support and help – no task was too much to ask. This generosity was best amplified when Madi was in conversation with myself, and she realised that I was out in the community seeing our lovely Clients for the large majority of the week and I had not had the capacity to do any preparations for Christmas. Madi then graciously offered to help write the Christmas cards for the Gold Coast Wellness Clients AND help wrap small Client tokens. This very kind gesture was done on top of her own busy work-load and other HomeCare commitments. A day later when I walked into the office, Madi had gone above and beyond what I could have ever asked for help for!! ALL 90 cards/tokens were signed, sealed, organised and ready for distribution. All our Clientele were giving the Wellness Team many thanks when receiving their tokens this week, but all thanks has to go to Madi!

The generosity that Madi continuously demonstrates makes a big difference in our consumers lives as she always goes that ‘extra mile’ for them! Madi does not directly work with our Wellness consumers, yet she is still able to make a big difference. Madi does a lot of work behind the scenes; such as the aforementioned Christmas cards, enquiry calls, GP faxes and diary organisation just to list a few. These things may not directly help our consumers, but they help me immensely. In turn I am able to best focus my energy on giving our consumers a quality service with my full attention knowing that ‘behind the scenes’ everything is so well taken care of with Madi.”



Rachael Pelly – Senior Exercise Physiologist, Scarborough

“Rachael is amazing. She is powerful in that she prompts you to do some things that you never believed that you could do. She stands there with a smile and creates ways of helping me to do the exercises that I don’t want to do – because I know that outcome is worth it. More importantly, it’s not that I don’t want to do it, it’s that I don’t think I can, and she shows me that I can do it! My biggest achievement that she has helped me to achieve, was walking up the 20 steps at an art gallery to see the paintings that I love. I never thought I’d be able to walk steps again. When I did it, I felt on top of the world! Rachael makes a big difference because she continues to make a big difference to me every week. She’s never critical, always compassionate and believes in me so I can believe in myself.”









Mehrdad Rostami – Enrolled Nurse, Residential Care

“A big thank you because… I love seeing and hearing your interaction with the Residents. You are so respectful and caring, and always bring a sense of fun and exuberant communication whenever you are on. The Residents obviously enjoy your presence, especially the men who you ‘banter’ with, often causing them to laugh uproariously. Well Done! This makes a big difference to our Residents lives because you bring a heightened sense of fun and life to the Residents, and give them great joy.”








Amanda Radcliffe – Physiotherapist, Scarborough

“I think Amanda’s quiet demure appearance doesn’t let people see her strength and compassion. Amanda has always gone above and beyond what you would ever expect, and found solutions for problems that I didn’t think could be resolved. She used to visit us out at Warner long before I came here where she helped my husband and I through an extremely difficult period. She helped me feel that there were people who didn’t know us, but were prepared to go the extra mile for us. She always came with solutions in mind, and you know that she had worked hard to find them. She was one of the reasons that I chose to move into the Village when I needed to. It was lovely when I arrived and another staff member let me know that they had contacted Amanda to let her know I had moved in, which bought me great joy. Amanda makes a big difference to my life because I know that even after she leaves my home, she is working hard to find the best way for me – and for all that she sees.”








Congratulations to Madi, Rachael, Mehrdad, and Amanda! If you’d like to show your gratitude to a member of BallyCara’s staff, and enter them into the next round of the Scheme, you can find the Form of Hope here!

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