Staff Reward and Recognition Scheme – April Winners

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BallyCara is incredibly proud of our dedicated and passionate workforce, and it brings us great joy to be able to show our gratitude to them for their incredible accomplishments! The Staff Reward and Recognition Scheme was born in 2020 as an extension of BallyCara’s innovative Form of Hope (a form that allows staff and Consumers to show their gratitude to a staff member).

All the nominations are compiled by our Service Excellence Team, and four winners are picked by a panel of Consumers, family members and staff. Winners are picked every three months.

Please allow us to present the April winners and their nominating Forms of Hope!


Megan Stanworth – Residential Care EEN, Scarborough

“This form is to thank you for helping AINs with resident cares without being asked and without seeking recognition for having helped. Megan is like an angel who flies around doing things that she is not expected to do just because she genuinely enjoys helping others. Megan has a big heart and a beautiful, positive energy about her. She is very loved by all of us!

This has made a difference because time and time again, Megan brings ease to what would otherwise have been a stressful day without her having been present. Words won’t do justice to how much she lightens the load for myself and my fellow AINs.”











Dave Hagger – Wellness Exercise Physiologist, Brisbane North

“I would like to thank you for your expert running of the Healthy Moves “Walking” group at Woody Point this morning. Obviously, there wasn’t much walking going on due to the inclement weather – but it didn’t stop you. You improvised, adapted and overcame by coming up with a short exercise program to deliver under cover, so those that did turn up were able to get their morning’s exercise.

You made a difference because it’s clear how much you’re loved and respected by our Friends in this group. I think it speaks volumes that, even on a day where the rain verged on torrential, group attendees still rocked up ready to exercise! They know you to be a man of reliability and integrity, and knew you wouldn’t leave them high and DRY. It was also wonderful to watch the way in which you interact with your Clients, with such care, empathy and enthusiasm. Your interactions ooze with the love and passion you have for your work!”










Marlene Farrugia – HomeCare Support Worker, Melbourne North

“I would like to thank Marlene for her unwavering dedication, kindness and compassion going over and beyond to support our dearly departed Home Care client Mr Williams.

This has made a difference because Marlene, you bought so much comfort to Mr Williams. He always shared what a blessing you were to him, he loved chatting with you and your positive optimistic outlook, he valued that you encouraged his independence and supported his choices. Thank you for honouring him in this life and for staying with him for his final farewell from his home. You were a blessing to Mr Williams and you are a blessing to our team.”









Sarah Hermann – Residential Care RN, Scarborough

“Sarah, I wanted to thank you for putting your hand up to help us with delivering nursing care to our husband and wife Home Care Package clients. I am very appreciative to you for stepping outside of what you normally do in Res Care and taking on extra shifts for us in Home Care. Your care and dedication to your job is evident. You have made our clients feel very at ease and safe whilst their family is away. You aided us when we had limited options available to us to safely support our clients. Thank you so very much. I am very grateful to you!

You made a difference because you offered to support Home Care by delivering nursing care within the community environment, in addition to your normal role.”









Congratulations to Megan, Dave, Marlene, and Sarah! If you’d like to show your gratitude to a member of BallyCara’s staff, and enter them into the next round of the Scheme, you can find the Form of Hope here!

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