Silver Memories Installation

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In August BallyCara had the absolute pleasure of launching Silver Memories Radio in our Residential Aged Care home. Silver Memories is a special 24 hours, seven days a week nostalgia radio service that was created specifically for aged care homes. It is based on Reminiscence Therapy principles that assist in improving the quality of life of residents in care, particularly those suffering with dementia. The concept is well researched, outcomes-based and endorsed by Australian and international experts with proven results from major Australian studies, with a particular project undertaken by Queensland University of Technology finding a significant improvement in geriatric depression scale scores after listening to Silver Memories for a twelve-month period as part of regular daily activities.

Silver Memories is delivered via satellite that broadcasts music from the 1920s to the early 60s, comedy and old radio serials. The service has been found to positively impact social and communal outcomes in residents by reducing social isolation, increasing engagement, stimulating memories, sparking conversation and encouraging singalongs and movement to music – in the meantime also creating happier staff and family members.

To celebrate the installation BallyCara hosted a special morning tea where our Residents were delighted with on-air song requests they had submitted a week prior. A special thank you to family, friends and staff for joining our Residents in celebration and of course representatives from Silver Memories and Rotary Club of Brisbane Mid City for your dedication and generosity.



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