Frequently Asked Questions – HCP

Is there a minimum term on my contract?

There is no minimum contract on your HomeCare Package provided by BallyCara. We do however require 21 days written notice of termination if moving to another service provider. All your unspent package funds will transfer with you if you are changing service providers. In the case that the package is terminated by yourself and you do not wish to continue your HomeCare Package with another provider or you are moving into Residential Care all unspent Government funds will be returned to the Government. BallyCara does not charge an entry or exit fee.

Can I add or change services on my support plan?

BallyCara always allows for a flexible support plan and can be changed when required. Planned services can be cancelled and altered with just 24 hours’ notice, where notice is not given it may incur a late notice charge. Services on your support plan are developed within your Individual HomeCare Package Funding.

Do you charge travel undertaken during a service?

BallyCara charges an additional $1 per kilometre for any travel during a service delivery with a client. This could include a Support Worker taking you shopping or taking you to a medical appointment. You will not be charged for the Support Worker to travel to and from the scheduled service, only what travel occurs during the scheduled service.

Do you have a waiting list?

BallyCara does not have a waiting list. When you receive your letter from the Government stating a HomeCare Package has been assigned to you, you have 56 days to find a service provider otherwise that package will be assigned to the next client on the Federal waiting list.