Frequently Asked Questions – CHSP

Can I have the same support worker for all of my services?

Depending on the amount and types of services you are receiving, it is not usually possible for only one worker to be allocated for all of your services due to workers commitments to other duties and restrictions around working hours.We often find that having two or more staff sharing the services is beneficial – this means there will be a small group of staff who understand your needs and increasing the likelihood of there always being an available support worker whom you know. At times, we may need to change your Support Worker or renegotiate day/time due to service demand. We will always contact you to discuss if this does need to occur.

Do my services occur on Public Holidays?

Commonwealth Home Support Programs do not run on Public Holidays, however, if you would like a ‘fill in’ service, the BallyCara staff will be more than willing to accommodate this.

How much notice do I need to give BallyCara HomeCare if I want to cancel or reschedule a service?

Minimum two business days’ notice is required for service cancellation or alteration. Please provide as much notice as possible for requests of rescheduling a service as this will ensure that we are more likely to be able to accommodate your request & continuity of care. In the event that you do not notify us of either your non-attendance at a program, or are out for your scheduled visit, you may still be charged for that service.

How will I manage if BallyCara HomeCare cannot assist me in the ways I need within the allocated hours of service provision?

We will work with you to make any additional referral required to ensure you receive the appropriate level of care, we may be able to provide additional support to you on a fee-for-service basis. Our aim is to support you to live as independently as possible and to have the best possible level of health and happiness.

Am I liable if a staff member is injured while working with me?

Workers compensation insurance is in place to cover injury to staff and eliminate any risk to clients should an injury occur. It is important that you let us know and address any areas in your home which could pose risk of injury to the staff or to yourself.

What if my support worker does not arrive on time?

Our community support workers are scheduled to visit you at an agreed time,however please recognise that sometimes they may be a few minutes late due to traffic or emergency requests.  We will endeavour to telephone you and advise if the support worker will be more than 15 minutes late for any scheduled visit.

Do I need to be at home for my service delivery or can someone else be present?

The service you are receiving is for you. You do need to be present for all services. The service cannot be delivered if you are not home, even if a family member is present. If you are unable to be present at your scheduled services you will need to contact BallyCara as soon as possible.