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As Caras’ & Co. Wooloowin comes up on its first Christmas, the staff (Dave Hagger – EP, Jhenai Lockett – CSO, and Shelley Spence – CSC) take some time to reflect on what makes Wooloowin so magical.


Caras’ & Co. has been up and running in Wooloowin for over six months now! The hub came to be in the early months of COVID-19 lockdowns, which put an immediate hill in front of us. But as we come to the end of, what feels like, the rockiest year in history, we think that it’s the perfect time to reflect on what’s made those first six months so special, and on the incredible efforts that got us over that hill!

For those in the BallyCara community that may not be aware, Caras’ & Co. is the name given to BallyCara’s Home Care and Wellness hubs in our regional service areas. Our Wooloowin hub serves as the headquarters for our Brisbane North region. Made up of a large function space, a gym for our Wellness program, a massage room, and a set of offices and meeting rooms, the space is tailored to the delivery of BallyCara’s signature Sona-fied services!

The first trait that makes Wooloowin stand apart is its tight knit but welcoming community. We’ve taken the time to build relationships with people in our community, and we aim to make them feel welcome and valued every time they step through the door. We pride ourselves on truly knowing all the people that visit us here, and we work hard to ensure that we are supporting each and every Client to work toward their individualised goals. Every person is unique, and their personalities are informed by rich life experiences and individual beliefs; it’s on us to seek to understand each and every one!

Our focus on the community underpins all that we do here. Anyone is welcomed to walk in the front door when it’s open; there is guaranteed to be someone ready to listen. The vibrant community here in North Brisbane is the focus of our event planning and innovations at Wooloowin. Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of community focused events in the New Year…


The second item to highlight, is the sheer range and quality of service offerings here at Wooloowin: from our Exercise Physiologist driving the Wellness Program in Brisbane North, to the Invigorate Group Social Support program, to the very special touch of Kathryn, our massage therapist… We really have something on offer for everyone!

Thirdly, and most importantly, our staff are some of the most amazing people on planet Earth – we promise, there’s no bias at all! All of us are passionate about providing high-quality care and services, and we can say, with confidence, that each of our dedicated Wellness and Home Care staff members are ready and willing to go above and beyond in their work.

So please drop in and check it out for yourself! Come and say hello and feel the magic of Wooloowin in person!


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