“The best thing to ever happen to me” – An interview with our previous STRC client, Anne

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BallyCara’s Short-Term Restorative Care Program (STRC) is like no other. Our team of passionate and caring staff make a genuine change in our clients’ lives.

We were honoured to sit down with Anne, a previous BallyCara STRC client and hear about her journey with us.

She completed her STRC program earlier this year. Through the program, she was able to receive a new walker, mats, special bottle openers and a mattress topper.

Before starting, she, “Absolutely did not want to do it”. Her hesitancy for the program soon diminished, “From the very first person who came to my house, it was so different, so heartwarming.”

Anne is now “so grateful” and “truly thankful” for the BallyCara staff that helped her.

People at her church couldn’t believe it was her because she had changed so much. Her minister said, “wow, what happened to you!?”. He meant it as a compliment, of course. This is because Anne had a whole new outlook on life and had such a positive internal transformation it reflected outwardly (like most significant internal shifts often do).

Her favourite thing about the program was the “warmth” and the “friendliness” of the staff, and she said it completely “changed her life”.

If you are on the fence about STRC, like Anne once was, please reach out to our staff, and we can answer any questions you may have.

Contact info: Call 1300 272 222 and ask for Deb or Karen.

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