Name a bigger, more exciting decision than moving into a Retirement Village?

November 4, 2020 7:38 am Published by
Courtney Lynch, Village Sales Specialist

How about moving into a Retirement Village during a global pandemic?

For many people, the process of relocating into village living can be stressful; sorting through years of memories, downsizing, completing those annoying maintenance tasks you have been putting off and popping your family home on the market. Then starts the packing, and the actual move, the change of scenery and integrating into a new community. It is an exciting time, albeit hard work and emotional and for most people, the emotional and physical rollercoaster pays off as they settle into their new lifestyle.

Enter COVID-19.

It takes real determination to sell your home and relocate during a pandemic, but it is certainly not impossible. For Bob and Vicki Perryman, making the move to BallyCara, and into Retirement Living, was something they had thought about for a long time. Vicki, already an active member of BallyCara’s Wellness Program, was familiar with the Village and knew she would find the perfect home with a little persistence. They successfully chose to make this move in the middle of COVID-19 and haven’t looked back since.


As retirees, Bob and Vicki say they feel fortunate to not be significantly impacted by COVID and deciding to relocate during the pandemic was just something they had to do. “Well it was something we had decided to do and we had been looking at it for 18 months and it took us a long time to find the right place so ultimately when we found the right place we decided that no matter what’s going on outside, it was the time do it,” Bob says. “If we would have been in another state it might have been (hard), apart from that even with restrictions it didn’t affect us greatly as we weren’t active in a lot of ways probably the only thing it affected was me with some of my recreational things that I couldn’t do, but they came back.

“In some ways the restrictions haven’t been drastic.”

Bob and Vicki say moving during a pandemic has been a benefit as they have been able to slowly settle in before being fully immersed into village life, taking it slowly and getting to know their new surroundings and neighbours. “It’s been pretty good we have met all the people on this floor, all nice people and we get on with them all,” Bob says, “When we were in our house we didn’t socialise with our neighbours, we knew one or two, here you tend to sort of see people more often.”

“You can’t remember everybody you’ve met, but it’s like they say here if you are going out for an appointment make sure you leave 15 minutes early that way you get the chance to be bailed up in the carpark.” For Vicki, it is this social side of village living that has made her move into BallyCara smooth. “I found living at home and not being able to get out very much and not driving anymore, I did not realise how starved I was of human contact,” she says. “It’s been so nice to have people and if someone’s not well then you can just pop in, you’ve got advice from different people about little things and different things and I have settled in very easily.”

Vicki said while her and Bob did not ever envision themselves living in an apartment, the change from their big home has been welcome. “Someone found us a wonderful unit and it has just been perfect, and I felt comfortable when I first walked in – I felt comfortable in the situation and I feel more comfortable than ever,” she said.

Bob and Vicki say, while they certainly did not feel the stress of COVID like some others have, their decision to move into BallyCara during the global pandemic was a decision they did not take lightly. Now, a few months settled, still amid COVID, Bob and Vicki say they could not be happier navigating the global pandemic, with their new community and their stunning water views.

“It’s all the little creature comforts BallyCara has built into our lives and the loveliness of everybody.”

Thinking about making the move into a Retirement Village? Read more about BallyCara’s Scarborough Village here.




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