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Johanna Coggins is one of our amazing Creative Engagement Therapists who we at BallyCara have the absolute pleasure to work with. She has graciously shared a few words on her thoughts of Spring and how we can express our Creativity as we move into the warmer months.

I love Spring! For me it’s almost a magical time of year. The world bursts into cinematic colour.  Everything is brighter & more colourful. Music is in the air. The days are warmer and the evenings too – inviting us to go outside and soak in all of nature’s splendour.

In what ways can we express our creativity as we come into this mesmerising time where new growth sprouts all around us?  As a Creative Engagement Therapist I explore questions such as this with my clients to begin the creative process and figure out how they can (and want to) express themselves.I feel so privileged to be able to do the work that I do at BallyCara. I love coming to work each day, knowing that the space that I provide for Residents really does make a difference.Through art, music, story, drama, dance/movement Residents feel empowered, heard & valued.

My role allows me to work creatively with the Residents in all different spaces. My favourite, The BallyCara Community Garden. It is a glorious spot where Residents come for some fresh air, sunshine, and socialisation. Every Thursday morning, I facilitate a Drumming Circle specialising in some classic rock ‘n’ roll songs from the 1950’s. The Residents have so much fun bopping along to the popular songs from this era. With a drum, tambourine, set of maracas or percussion block in hand, they are transported back to their younger days as they play along. Feet tapping, shoulders swinging, every Resident is engaged and feeling the magic of the music.

This excitement that is felt amongst the Residents is a joy to witness and be a part of. I am truly appreciative for the role that I am able to play in their enjoyment.

So how can you express your creativity this season? Get out there and experience nature, head for a walk and take some photos of your surroundings, such as the tress, wildlife, and even the architecture you may see along the way. Listen out for the music you may hear in the air – bird calls, cicadas, people laughing; even the traffic as it heads off on an adventure! If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even turn your photos into a scrapbook, or attempt to draw or paint what you have captured.

The beauty with creativity is there are no wrong answers, just unique perspectives!


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