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Independence at Home Into Your Retirement

March 9, 2022 4:21 pm Published by
Retiring is all about relaxing and rewarding yourself for working hard and providing for those you love throughout your years. It should be the best time in your life but as our bodies age, sometimes we worry about how our independence will change. However, there are now lots of ways to live at home on your own without changing your lifestyle dramatically.


  • Renovate to fit your needs

If moving around your home is an issue, there are some easy solutions to making it more accessible. Today, voice-activated technology is becoming common in the home, which could help with things like operating the TV, controlling lights, locking and unlocking doors, making calls, and more. You could also install grab bars in the bathroom, move items to ensure they are always easy to reach, and look into ramps for small stairs. Keep in mind that even if you don’t need these yet, this can ensure you can stay in your home as long as possible.


  • Organise in-home care

Sometimes all you need is an extra set of hands. While family and loved ones can help, if you need daily assistance or nursing support, it helps to have a professional on hand. Home care services can cover everything from cleaning the house, transport and appointments, to physiotherapy and health care. Walking aids for around the home can even be provided.


  • Join a community

If you don’t need help in the home but would like to stay social and active, there are communities you can join as well. Many home care service providers also have community spaces that offer wellness programs, senior exercise classes, social walking groups, and even cafes. This can supplement your lifestyle to avoid isolation and improve your lifestyle without downsizing.


Aging doesn’t mean you have to leave your home if it isn’t the right move for you. For more information about homecare or other independent living services and tips, talk to our team today.

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