How Do I Choose a Retirement Village?

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Retirement can mean different things for different people and one of those paths could be moving into a retirement village. However, the next step is one of the hardest – choosing the right place to call home! There are many factors that come into this decision, which we go into below.

This is probably the least exciting but most important part of your decision! Understanding your budget, as well as ongoing and exit fees involved with a retirement village, is crucial.

The next important decision that is definitely more fun to think about is the village location. Do you want to live close to family? Are you looking for a seachange? Or is proximity to the shops important? Like any house move, where you are located can have a big impact.

Retirement villages often include certain amenities, facilities, and social events that residents can join. A retirement village might have a cafe, swimming pools, bowls or croquet, gardens, a library, and various other activities. They might have outings for special occasions, or even just to go to the local shops. Whatever you want to do in your retirement, there is bound to be a village with a lifestyle to match!

One of the many reasons you may choose to retire in a village is knowing you have support close at hand. Home care and 24-hour help is a common feature in many villages but services can differ, from having personal care and medical personnel on hand, to domestic assistance and cooking meals. Some villages also have accessible homes for residents who use supportive equipment like walking frames and wheelchairs.

Choosing a place to retire is a big decision. Take your time exploring your options and understanding what you need now and into the future. If you are about to start looking, why not start at BallyCara – call us to organise a tour today.

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