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Did you know BallyCara offers Allied Health Services in some of our regions? In the latest Friends in Focus pieces we will be turning our attention to Caras’ & Co Wooloowin and our Allied Health Specialists who are based there.

Most people will have heard of Physio’s and probably used their services at some point in their life, but did you know that having Physiotherapy is worthwhile at any age as it can offer relief in the long-term, not just the short-term.

Our newest Physiotherapist, Sally Pearman, brings a wealth of knowledge to the role with over 30 years’ experience. Her philosophy is that ‘knowledge is power and with the right knowledge you can move mountains’. She is a contemporary evidence-based practitioner who is keen to pass on all the latest research findings that can change our thoughts about how our bodies work, and how we can safely get them going again.

Sally chose to work at BallyCara as she is passionate about proactive ageing (no matter what age you are), which correlates with BallyCara’s philosophy of healthy and happy living. It was a perfect match!

She hopes that her Clients come away from each session with new-found knowledge and confidence to move despite their limitations. She would like to help people achieve a modern understanding of pain so they can return to the activities that are meaningful to them and improve their quality of life. Again, no matter our age, our bodies thrive on movement and there are very few conditions where movement isn’t recommended. Sally’s mantra is ‘get moving and stay moving!’

Sally encourages this proactive ageing for her Clients by recognising and understanding the normal processes of ageing, being able to detect a decline in function and intervening before it substantially impacts their lives.

Sally finds her job most fulfilling when Clients are willing to put in the hard yards and then see their results. When Clients realise what an amazingly adaptable body they have, no matter their age, it puts a smile on her face. Success is always the greatest motivator of all. If a Client no longer needs to see her, then Sally feels she has done her job well.

Sally is available for appointments Monday-Thursday, either at our Caras’ & Co location in Wooloowin or in-home.

If you would like more information about Physiotherapy and other Allied Health Services offered at BallyCara call us on 1300 272 222, or email

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