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Did you know BallyCara offers Allied Health Services in some of our regions? In the latest Friends in Focus pieces we will be turning our attention to Caras’ & Co Wooloowin and our Allied Health Specialists who are based there.

You may have heard people say OT and been confused as to what that means… so what is Occupational Therapy and how does it help seniors to lead a healthy and happy life?

Occupational Therapy is a branch of healthcare that helps people of all ages to regain independence in their lives. OT’s provide this service to decrease the barriers that can affect a person’s emotional, social, and physical needs and allow people to stay safe in their home environment. How do OT’s work? They look at the task/role a person would like to fulfil, the environment where this task is performed, HOW it is completed; and make recommendations to enable continuation of this task.

BallyCara’s Occupational Therapist Jess Gleeson has a long history with OT & with BallyCara. It’s probably easier if she explains…

“Hi, I’m Jess and I work for BallyCara as an Occupational Therapist. I have been an OT for almost 20 years! Good golly – seems a long time when you say it out loud! I first started working in the Residential setting in BallyCara at Scarborough around 2013 and did so until 2017. A few babies later and here I am back at BallyCara, but this time as a part of the Wellness team! It’s amazing to see how much it has grown and how many brilliant people we have working collaboratively to get great outcomes with those Clients we work with.”

“What I love about working as an OT for BallyCara is the collaboration with people within their home environment and working together to find solutions to achieve goals that they, themselves, identify. This might be something as simple as being able to stand up from the toilet more easily; to being able to safely access the community. Sometimes the solution comes easily, and sometimes it takes a little bit of time, and trial and error. It might mean I suggest some equipment, home modifications or adaptive devices or perhaps we need to work out a different way to do what it is they want. I feel privileged that people let me into their homes and allow me an insight into how they live.”

“I also love working in our great multidisciplinary team and collaborating to find the best outcomes for our wonderful Clients. BallyCara has been so supportive in my return to work after quite a few years off and I feel lucky to work in such a nurturing team environment.”

Wonderful words by Jess, she exemplifies our SONA® Values and why we do what we do here at BallyCara. Jess is based at our Caras’ & Co location in Wooloowin and is available for appointments Thursdays and Fridays.

If you would like more information about Occupational Therapy and other Allied Health Services offered at BallyCara call us on 1300 272 222, or email

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