7 Reasons for Moving Into a Retirement Village

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Today’s retirement communities are more like a full time resort. Where once the move from a family home to a retirement village was sad for some, now it is an exciting part of the retirement journey. Retirement villages are revolutionising the way to live out your senior years, and here are 7 reasons why you should consider it too:
  1. Low maintenance lifestyle
    If you live in a large family home, perhaps with multiple levels and bedrooms, the upkeep can be a lot to manage. The cost and maintenance involved can take up time and money that could be better spent. A new, well-equipped home in a retirement village can take away this issue, offering a place that is the right size and style, with the added benefit of access to help from the community at large.
  2. Home and health security
    A community setting created specifically for retirement means better security in your home and your health. On-site management, security systems and safety measures are all in place so you can relax and enjoy that evening stroll home from the community centre. You also have friendly neighbours close by who will look out for you. Your health is also secured, with many communities offering 24/7 emergency buttons in homes and continuum of care options if you or your partner need additional help.
  3. A holiday every day
    Your retirement should be a time where you can relax and enjoy all your hard work! Retirement villages help add to that holiday atmosphere, with leisure amenities and all the essentials within walking distance! Perhaps the community sits by the beach, has a cafe, swimming pools, gardens, library, a wellness program, or something else to enjoy.
  4. Like minded community
    Living in a retirement village means you live with other retirees who also want a similar lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with a wide variety of people, but you have a larger community of people at the same age and stage of life as you.
  5. True convenience
    Moving to a retirement village is all about making life easy! Whether you need transport to get around, want to get a bottle of milk, or would like to be able to walk to dinner and home again, these communities offer true convenience.
  6. An active lifestyle
    Staying active throughout your life is important but finding the kind of activity you enjoy that is also at the level you need can be hard. Wellness programs at retirement villages give you activities that suit your age and lifestyle. Many communities also have a variety of activities like croquet, bowls, or bocce.
  7. A house built for a new stage in life
    Retirement villas are made with you in mind. No stairs, accessibility, easy maintenance, emergency buttons, conveniently located, and made for entertaining friends and family – a home in a retirement community is built for this new stage of life.

Looking for more reasons to move or how to choose the right location? Read more on our blog! Or if you’re ready to look into moving soon, take a virtual tour or talk to our team about our retirement village in Scarborough today.

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