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6 Hobbies to Take Up for Your Health When You Retire

May 11, 2022 3:05 pm Published by
Retirement is a time to do more of what you want, with less responsibilities to manage. This is the perfect time to pick up hobbies or focus on your interests to the fullest. Picking up new hobbies can also be good for your mental and physical health, helping stay active and keep life busy, all important for your health as you age.

1. Sports and fitness

The benefits of regular exercise are important for any stage of life, also affecting mobility later in life. From something as simple as a walk in a beautiful area, to senior exercise classes like tai chi, yoga, aqua aerobics, swimming, or another light impact sport; there is something for everyone to enjoy and to live a healthier and happier life.

2. Gardening

As mentioned in a previous blog, gardening can help with brain function and movement, with lots of benefits like reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s, lowering stress levels, and increasing Vitamin D intake. Whether it’s some pot plants or a big backyard garden, this can be a great hobby for your health, as well as providing food and decoration for the home.

3. Reading

This might be a more traditional entry, but there is a lot to be said for reading a good book. It can help to enhance memory, sharpen decision-making skills, reduce stress, and assist with good sleep.

4. Bird watching

This hobby is a little bit of a biased addition on our part – BallyCara’s Retirement Village is proud to be home to a bird aviary where you can bird watch anytime with ease! However, it does make a great hobby beyond this, encouraging exploration of the world through physical activity, time outdoors, and mental stimulation – all great for your health.

5. Art

Whether it’s getting in touch with your inner child or finding a new creative side, art and DIY projects can be a great way to do something new and engaging later in life. Making art is a great way to express yourself and keep your mind active.

6. Cruising or boating

Who doesn’t love getting a little ocean air? It doesn’t matter if you are captain or enjoying the ride, getting out onto the water is a great way to get fresh air, Vitamin D, and a new perspective. BallyCara’s own cruiser-craft creates the opportunity for Residents to enjoy boating pleasure on Moreton Bay and revel in our seaside environment.

Retirement is all about finding new passions and exploring things you may not have had time for in the past. A hobby can also be great for your mental and physical health, which means you can have fun while looking after yourself! This list just scratches the surface, so go out and explore this new age today.

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